Tuesday, June 28

On the road and in the air

Speaking of on the road:

Kerouac, author of On the Road, is shown here napping before resuming work on his next novel. Or resuming work on learning basic commands like "come" and "stay". One or the other.

Anyway, so I'm done with school now, and I'm going to attempt to spend most of the next two months traveling this great nation of ours. I got fresh oil in my car, a GLIDE all-you-can-fly pass from Independence Air (http://www.flyi.com/), a digital camera, and an eye for the remarkable. Combined with my debonaire wit, rakish charm, and boyish good-looks, America, you better look out. Your "yeller" boy is coming through.

Current destinations include Charleston, SC; Savannah, GA; Detroit; Houston; and NYC. (Due to the destinations listed on the pass, I'm somewhat limited--I can only fly east of Chicago and to California.) Any suggestions on places I have to see while I'm in those places? Any suggestions on other places to go?Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

i'll be in boston july 14-17...come by if you're in the area...it'll be me and a couple of hot indians partying it up (or something to that effect)...zaijian! speaking of road trip...make sure you take gloria gayner with you... ;) (you know, "i will survive"...)

Cincinnati Wiffle Ball said...

Go to hell.

James said...

Thanks for the tip, Kev, old boy. But I've been to that place before--also called Orangeburg, South Carolina.