Saturday, February 18

i am still alive

was "brushed" by an SUV last night while on delancey, near the bridge; emerged unscathed, though very angry. during the confrontation with the driver--who was also very angry, because as he was brushing his SUV against me, displacing my messenger bag from my back to my front, i started banging my hand against his door--was accused of "nearly scaring [his] son to death" and that i was "lucky [he] had [his] son with him." was then asked if i lived in williamsburg, to which i did not respond (i do, in fact, live in williamsburg). the guy then told me that he lived on the south side and would  "wait for me when [i] got off the bridge," though when i finally gathered myself enough to ride back over the bridge, there wasn't anybody there. later, while i was walking with my bike on the sidewalk, a rat bumped into my tire, then scooted through the spokes.