Friday, October 14

Geniunely pretty excited about this if it's true.

Breaking news from the insidery world of "literary" DJs: a CMJ DJ set from someone called "DJ Taolin"? Look below:
@ Cameo Gallery w/ DJ sets by Neon Indian, Teengirl Fantasy, Carles?, Beach Fossils, Dent May and DJ Taolin

CMJ is a great way for bands to reveal their aesthetics and influences. But if you'd rather not go to some panel about it, an unspeakably crazy DJ set might do the trick. The trifecta of Forcefield PR, Hipster Runoff and PopGun have gathered the members of Neon Indian, Teengirl Fantasy, Carles?, Beach Fossils, and Dent May, plus DJ Taolin, to rock some serious party jams for your dancing pleasure. Hey, Hipster Runoff, when do we get our yellow box?

FREE // Doors at 12:00am // 21+
Did they actually mean DJ Tao Lin and didn't know how it was actually supposed to be spaced? Or is this some kind of winking allusion by somebody who really likes Tao Lin/wants to, perhaps archly (though perhaps not), make some kind of play on his name/reputation while skirting any possible legality issues?

What kind of tunes will "DJ Taolin," if it is indeed actually DJ Tao Lin, be "spinning?"

Hoping for some Promise Ring:

Or maybe some classic Beck:

(via yrsharkey).

UPDATE (10/14/11 1:46AM): VERIFIED. Just saw this (which means it went up while I was typing up this post):


Bri Lee said...

dude thats epic!
... to be in a city with actual entertainment. how dreamy.

James said...

totally. wonder what he is going to play.

at the same time, brooklyn's not the only place in the world. i honestly think some of my best times have been in places that could be, fairly objectively, called the worst.