Tuesday, August 9

AWP 2012

Two panels that I'm a part of were accepted for next year's AWP in Chicago.

They are as follows:

Literature and the Internet in 2012.
Roxane Gay, Stephen Elliott, Blake Butler, James Yeh
The literary editors of four leading web magazines -- HTMLGiant, The Rumpus, PANK, and The Faster Times -- offer a roundtable discussion about how the Internet is changing literature and literary publishing in the 21st century.

Writers on Reading Like An Editor.
Dawn Raffel, Robley Wilson, James Yeh, Kristen Iversen
Editors who are also critically acclaimed fiction writers will discuss what makes a story leap out from the submissions pile. What is the x factor that’s often apparent in the first few sentences? And what can you learn as a writer by reading this way? The discussion will include examples and will be followed by q&a.

Also, it seems there's a chance Lincoln Michel and I will be doing some DJing at the afterparty thing. More on that later.

Thanks to Kyle Minor and Dawn Raffel for putting those together and for getting the administrative wheels turning.

See you in Chicago.

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