Wednesday, June 1

This Guy (No Longer) Has My MacBook

So, if you don't already know the story, basically about two weeks ago this guy in Oakland had his MacBook stolen from him, but had a secret computer program installed on it called Hidden that enabled him to take pictures through the onboard MacBook camera and, as I understand it, "track" the laptop's whereabouts. The guy contacted the police, but understaffed as they are, they were unable to help him. So he did the next best thing: started a Tumblr called "This Guy Has My MacBook." Since then, he's been posting candid pictures taken of the perp.

While driving away:

While staring blankly at the screen:

While reclining in his opulent bed, shirtless:

It seemed too funny to be true--the premise of this seemed cooked up in the mind of some intrepid person in marketing--but apparently it is, indeed, true. Thanks to the boost in attention, the Oakland PD started tracking the guy and then, as of last night, apprehended the bro.

The last picture, taken while the guy was asleep on his couch, is oddly touching. Also incredibly unsettling:

What was he doing just before this image was taken? Watching a DVD on this laptop he had just stolen that was now, unknown to him, monitoring his actions? And what was he dreaming about? Could he have had an idea of just how drastically his life was about to change?


Unknown said...

The cops busted the perp. Read about it

James said...

I know. I saw it before I posted this. Pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow those pictures are beyond creepy.