Monday, April 11

bike experiment, year three

While biking the other night, I was almost hit by a car at an intersection. This was due more to my brakes, which are bad, than my aggressive biking habits (although my habits are fairly aggressive). The car was coming and there I was, gradually stopping in front of it. I turned my wheel so as to take up less of the street and the car kept on at the same speed, honking as it passed. I remember looking into the front seat, how the woman on the passenger side had curly hair and put her hand up to her mouth because she was so freaked out she might see somebody get hit by the car she was in.

I've since adjusted my brakes, so that they are tighter, and try to slow down a little more at stop signs.

The current year's stats:

march 2011 (w/ 7 days in seattle)
157.5 mi
31 days
9 bridges (wburg 7x, manhattan 2x)
6 subways
0 spills

feb 2011
111.7 mi
27 days
8 bridges (wburg 7x, manhattan 1x)
15 subways
0 spills

jan 2011
31 days (6 days in peterborough, nh)
111.3 mi
1 bridge (wburg)
20 subways
2 spills




~2323.4 miles
246 days (out of NYC 39 days, main bike broke 43 days)
158 bridges (wburg 132x, manhattan 7x, queensborough 6x, pulaski 9x, brooklyn 2x)
94 subways
8 spills (1 major dental adjuster/disaster)
total $ saved from not purchasing monthly subway passes: ~$639.50

~1014.9 miles
98 days
40 subway rides
2 spills
total $ saved from not purchasing monthly subway passes: ~$228.10

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