Tuesday, November 23

If you would like to buy some things I wrote recently

Dear friends/people who are curious about me and/or just ended up here randomly, I am selling a few things. Specifically some things I wrote and had published recently. Why? Because I am poor and you are far away.

Here are the things:

1) Abe's Penny postcard series with photographs by Massimo Vitali. $12.

From postcard 3 of 4:
She is talking to him now, from a distance of about five feet away. He is listening to what she says, but occasionally, because of the wind, or the waves, he cannot hear what it is. Sometimes when this happens he asks her to repeat what she just said. Sometimes he does not. Sometimes he just nods slightly, smiles.

2) "9/16/10." Limited edition (out of 130) chapbook published by Swill Children, 2010. $12.

From the description:
Is realizing something the same thing as acting on that realization? "9/16/10" is a darkly funny and semi-autobiographical story about a day, a month, and those certain times in our lives, when we must decide whether to change or whether to remain riding in "the middle seat of a three-seat moving truck."

"Spit out in tense, hypnotic prose, James Yeh's Taiwanese-American kaddish can be read in the time it takes you to brush your teeth, but I'm going to bet you don't forget its sadness or its post-Brooklyn dread for a long, long time." -Ed Park, author of Personal Days/founding editor of The Believer

"Yeh’s quiet meditation on death will sneak in and throw up a window in your soul with its intensity." -Deb Olin Unferth, author of Vacation and Minor Robberies

3) Untitled very short story published by Mudluscious Press as part of the Mudluscious Stamp Project. Free with any purchase.


Buy them both for $20, receive Stamp Project story free.

***Free shipping to USA.***
International orders inquire at jamesyeh82[at]gmail[dot]com.

Interested people should Paypal jamesyeh82[at]gmail[dot]com.


Thank you.

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