Monday, August 23

New Stuff I've Had or Will Soon Be Having a Hand In

I edited and published, for the Faster Times, Sasha Fletcher's review of Gordon Lish's Collected Fictions -- "What It Is I Cannot Tell You." Includes full-color original art by Antonia Blair.


I helped edit and compile, for Gigantic, the new online issue, featuring Nathan C. Martin's interview with Amy Hempel, the fourth installment of Leni Zumas and Luca Dipierro's graphic series Until I Find It (pictured above), new fiction by Ashley Farmer, plus an illustrated very short story by John Dermot Woods.


Lincoln Michel and I will DJing our usual "Kings County Society for Fitness, Science & Musical Merriment" party at the Manhattan Inn this Friday night in Greenpoint. Flyer by Andrew Bulger.


Save the date! Gigantic is teaming up with Open City to present Sweet Home New York: A Reading at this year's LitCrawl in the Lower East Side. Date for the reading is September 11th. Flyer by Sybille Schenker.


berrylies said...

Is the Lish book out yet? I googled it and saw a post saying it was going to be out in April, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. (Meaning Amazon). Hmmm.

James said...

It's out, but you can actually only get it here:

I think it was a choice on the part of the publisher to bypass Amazon.