Friday, July 2

Some Things I Wrote + June Update

illustration by andrew bulger

Everyday Genius published a new series of very short stories I wrote called "Girl with Cool, Damp Mouth." Andrew Bulger did the illustrations for it.


The Greenpoint Gazette published an article I wrote last week on Theatre in a Van, called "Theatre in a Van Takes It to the Street." Apologies for the lack of spaces between some of the periods (this was not my fault).


I am reading at two events in July, both of them put on by my friend Jason Diamond at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.


"So Close to Awesome: Random Things 2000-2009" by Jason Diamond Zine Release Party
@ The Diamond
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
8pm, free

I will be reading with Jason Diamond and Zach Lipez.


Greatest 3-Minute Record Reviews Ever  

@ Bar Matchless
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
7pm, free

Some of the people who I will be reading with: Adam Wilson (The Faster Times), Ben Greenman (The New Yorker, new book called What He's Poised to Do), Brandon Stosuy (Stereogum/The Believer), Jason Diamond (Vol. 1 Brooklyn), Scott Lindenbaum (Electric Literature) and more.


There is a Gigantic event this month.

Wed 7/14/10 @ Gild Hall
New York, NY
7pm, free

Diane Williams, Rebecca Curtis and Joshua Cohen are the readers and there will be specially concocted, named and priced cocktails, including "Stupefaction," "20 Grand" and "The Witz."


Just got back from SF, where I was for a week.


Found a new space starting in August, about a mile from where I currently live. This marks the second time my home address will contain the word "Broadway" in it. The first time was in Manhattan, around 2006-07. This time it will be in Brooklyn.


Started teaching high school students again up at Columbia.


Been riding a lot this week.

Yesterday I rode ~23.6 miles. Tuesday I rode ~37 miles, an all-time high. Monday ~22.4.

12-week/84 day total

~869 miles
3 boroughs (brooklyn, manhattan, queens)
73 bridges (williamsburg 50x, manhattan 4x, queensborough 5x, pulaski 5x, brooklyn 1x)
40 subways

Still a lot of riding to go before I reach my goal of 2000 miles for this summer. For comparison's sake by this time in 2009, I had ridden ~905.6 miles, although I only ended up riding ~1014 miles.

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