Wednesday, April 21

Indie Books at the Faster Times

Dear friends and internet writers that I don't know personally,

I'm excited to say that I'm the new Indie Books Editor at the Faster Times. If you have some ideas for things you'd like to write, or books you'd like to read and then write something about, or people you'd like to talk to in an engaging and interesting manner, please let me know at jamesyeh82 [at]

These could be conventionally engaging, formally experimental, or just fucking fun.

Thank you.

P.S. Interested visual artists should write me too. I'm also looking for artists and illustrators to work on "specially-commissioned" pieces to accompany the articles.


stephen tully dierks said...

damn... congrats james. you don't know me, but i might contact you about this at some point.

James said...

thanks, stephen. sounds good.

stephen tully dierks said...

btw, james, i have a free magazine you can download here, with tao, zachary, brandon, kendra, et al et al, and lots of art. check it:
thanks dude

James said...

hi stephen, thanks for the link. i actually already saw it earlier from, i think, tao's newsfeed. good job.