Monday, March 1

stuff that i've liked this past week or so (mostly music related):

iggy pop on writing (via htmlgiant) in which performative self-abuse and the difference between dionysian and apollonian artistic models is discussed

iggy pop writes a nice letter (via vol. 1 brooklyn)

the new joanna newsom triple album "have one on me." it's excellent. her voice is, at times, vaguely "bluesy," which, surprisingly, is kind of great. there's this dolly parton thing that goes on sometimes too. also kind of great. i've even seen the word "magnum opus" used in a review or two. this might not be an understatement

the zinnias: stephin merrit and claudia gonson's project pre-magnetic fields. haven't listened to it, but looks sweet (via vol. 1 brooklyn)

workwise, i'm working on a shitload of stuff. two pieces of mine are going up on the rumpus this week, a new article for the greenpoint gazette. i'm also continuing work on the graphic zine project andrew bulger and i started earlier this month

going to try to do a post or something where all this info is consolidated

thank you for coming the gigantic party

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