Sunday, March 14

i am doing a reading/handmade chapbook project

i am doing a reading this tuesday in atlanta with alexis orgera, adam robinson and joseph young at the "solar anus" reading series

if you are in the atlanta area and would like to come to the reading/potluck/party, please email me or somebody else who has been listed

it is free


related news

in celebration of this momentous event, andrew bulger and i present the second installment of our collaborative handmade chapbook project

the first one was called "lust for life," which i wrote about here

ten copies were made, all ten copies were sold for $1 or given out

the second one, to be unveiled at the reading in atlanta, is about tom waits's time at the chelsea hotel. it's called "tom's chelsea years 1975-1978: a loose biography." it features words evocative of restlessness and "hotel imagery"

twenty will be made and produced on 67 lb paper. they will be available for free or for $2

i made seven today, stapling them together without the use of a stapler (needle, hands, rare amount of free time)

the first set of ten will be available at the reading in atlanta. the second set will be available at the reading at lydia bell's house in queens (3/27/10). if people like them we will probably make more

more soon

1 comment:

kimberly ann josephine said...

i LOVE your collab handmade chapbook project, holy crap.

except i don't like how i can only get them at events i can't attend. you should save a few copies of each and then sell, like, a "collection" of five of them for 10/15 bucks or something. i know someone who would buy them.