Wednesday, November 4

strange days, i'm doing a reading


strange: pretty certain i was standing next to stephin merritt (magnetic fields) at the vic chesnutt show in williamsburg

stranger: somebody lost a phone with my name on the screen and somebody else found it last night and facebooked me about it. however: it's not my phone. maybe it's yours? do you have my name on the screen of your phone?

strangest: somebody "missed connections"-ed me, sort of:

Possibly my favorite one yet. On my way back from the East Village last night, I got on the L Train and sat next to some cute hipster kid who just happened to be Asian and editing a long story on his journey back to Williamsburg (no, it was not Tao Lin). The title of the story was written in all caps at the top of each page, next to his last name, which was YEH:


There was a part about going into a used bookstore and a coffee shop and realizing he actually hated New York City (I think?). And I caught one phrase he edited:

ugly sights and ugly sounds

He cut out the second “ugly.”

(This feels too much like a Missed Connection.)

continuation of strangeness: guess who was the one to alert me to this.



speaking of editing (and writing), i am doing a reading tomorrow night (thursday). here is the mass email i sent people:
dear friends,

so i might have mentioned i work sometimes moving heavy things for rich people. the moving company i work for, rabbit movers (which was written up in the new york times, for how they employ exclusively artists), is having this collective art show thing thursday night at our space in DUMBO. i go on at 7pm and the event goes from 5-9pm or so.

as usual, i promise to read something new, funny and/or interesting and not go on too long.

there will be art installations, another reader i think, music and other cool stuff. maybe some drinks? i dunno. i hope so. i kind of have no idea what it's going to be like, but i'd love to see you there!

the address is:

rabbit hole studio
33 washington st
brooklyn, ny 11201

F to york st
A or C to high st

sincerely yrs,

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