Sunday, November 22


feeling some changes

feeling blogspot is kind of ugly

feeling "yellow redneck blues" is too racial-sounding


Molly Gaudry said...

It is very primary-sounding. I like it.

James said...

yes, i'm glad you picked up on that. still, thinking of changing it to something a little less, i don't know, "representative."

some potential titles i've been kicking around:

"electricity comes from other planets"

"i love and understand you and would be perfect to you now"

"honey i'm a prize you're a kitchen we make a perfect match"

sasha fletcher said...

yellow redneck blues is great.

otherwise go with the thesis title, but i am sticking with saying yellow redneck blues is pretty great.

play around with the themes champ. reformat this shit. make it pretty. lordy.