Sunday, November 29

60 writers/60 places premiere

my reading of my very short story "i have a hard time having a good time," originally published in elimae, will be among the 59 readings shown in luca dipierro and michael kimball's film 60 writers/60 places, premiering december 11 at pratt university in brooklyn and december 12 at ppow gallery in new york.

i am very excited about this, to be in this film and to be among so many sweet writers.

here is a list of everyone who is in it. including within this list are friends of mine, former teachers of mine, as well as a few "nemeses" of mine:

blaster al ackerman
rahne alexander
ken baumann
lauren bender
kate blackwell
jessica anya blau
blake butler
maud casey
tita chico
kim chinquee
kandice chuh
luca dipierro
giancarlo ditrapano
will eno
brian evenson
jennifer firestone
jamie gaughran-perez
colby green
piotr gwiazda
michael hearst
joanna howard
felix jacob
bonnie jones
michael kimball
jim knipfel
elizabeth koch
brian kubarycz
eugene lim
tao lin
sam lipsyte
robert lopez
gary lutz
fiona maazel
eugene marten
danielle mcclammy
jen michalski
leslie f. miller
rick moody
ellen moynihan
eileen myles
leigh newman
zita nunes
willie perdomo
carla peterson
dawn raffel
nelly reifler
adam robinson
rachel sherman
justin sirois
ron tanner
justin taylor
chris toll
randolph trumbach
deb olin unferth
josh weil
laura wexler
rupert wondolowski
james yeh
joseph young
leni zumas

the event is one of the many awesome things being put on by the hostess project, curated by my friend jamie sterns. the hostess project is doing some particularly cool stuff this month. best of all, all performances and viewings are free. here are two upcoming things which i am excited about:

dec 3 vivian girls
dec 5 the blow

their new album is pretty good, was listening to it earlier today


Anonymous said...

nelly said this movie rules katy is awesome i like that you like her band

James said...

nelly, like "if you wanna take a ride wit me" nelly or nelly, like "i'm like a bird i'll only fly away" nelly?