Monday, September 21

clancy martin in gigantic, funny rumpus links, tao lin in the faster times, more pavement stuff

illustration by andrew bulger

lincoln michel interviewed clancy martin for gigantic. discussed therein, all the great debates: philosophy versus fiction, apollo versus dionysus, thomas pynchon versus denis johnson and minimalism versus lyricism.


ted wilson wrote something funny about his body for the rumpus. i liked it and thought of this: jack handey's "ideas for paintings."

this was also funny and found thanks to the rumpus (actually thanks to vol. 1 who linked to it, via the rumpus): peanuts by charles bukowski


illustration courtesy of tao lin

rozalia jovanovic reviewed tao lin's shoplifting from american apparel for the faster times. a highly intelligent and attentive take and contextualization.


and finally, more pavement news: jason diamond in vol. 1 brooklyn compiled favorite malkmus lyrics from the likes of justin taylor, brad haggert of the crystal stilts, ari messer from the rumpus (it's been a good day for rumpus-related links) and yours truly.

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