Wednesday, August 26

what i have been doing lately

illustration by james j. williams iii

the gigantic/opium/bomb party is tonight! it has been getting a lot of press: the new yorker, the rumpus, htmlgiant (twice), black book, the new york daily news, to list a few.

the party will be awesome and feature ben greenman and bob powers putting on short plays, john wesley harding, and many others. tickets are cheap. some discounted tickets with special "vip" free open bar access still available online here.

party goes from 8pm-12am at bowery electric in the east village with special "vip" free open bar from 7-8pm.


i wrote a review of the new roberto bolano novel, the skating rink, for the faster times.


i was filmed by luca dipierro and michael kimball for their movie 60 writers/60 places.

i'm pretty excited about this. on a side note, michael's novel dear everybody is beautiful. i have not read it yet, but hearing him read it, i am convinced of it's urgency, poignancy and control of language. it's pretty fucking dope. michael also guest-edited this recent issue of lamination colony, maybe the sweetest online lit thing i've ever seen.


my story "some kind of change" was shit-talked by a random bro on the pen america blog.

says random bro: "seems written from the point-of-view of bourgeois people."


sasha fletcher said...

i can lend you dear everybody.
it's amazing.

James said...

shit i forgot to ask you to bring it to the party

Anonymous said...

Count yourself in good company, your shit-talker has also taken on the likes of Moody, Lipsyte, etc...

Check this out:

James said...

i saw that article too actually. king comes off as both fascinating and completely insufferable. but insufferable in a sort of (sym)pathetic and, ultimately, human way, i feel