Friday, August 14

stuff done by others; stuff done by me

photograph by ryan manning

ryan manning's sky polaroids in the new yinzer are quiet and stunning. (special thanks to justin taylor at htmlgiant who posted this first.)


i'm being filmed tomorrow for luca dipierro and michael kimball's film 60 writers/60 places.


atlas sound's fleetwood mac cover, new track featuring panda bear, and micromix are all up and incredible. (atlas sound is deerhunter frontman bradford cox's solo project.)


roberto bolano's newest novel the skating rink is highly recommended. i am working on a review of it for the faster times. this is a link to the last thing i did for the faster times.


gigantic is throwing a party august 26th, with opium and bomb magazines. a few special VIP discount tickets still remain.

one of the perks for the VIP event is kalup linzy:


the bike experiment continues:

week 8: 82.1 mi
summer total: 715.1 mi
subway rides during week 8: 7 (i got tired of riding through the rain)


ryan said...

thanks james

Alec Niedenthal said...

dunno how i feel about atlas sound dude

as much as i like deerhunter's ambient shit atlas sound just doesn't do it for me

beautiful photographs

James said...

man, i love their ambient shit, it does it for me bad