Wednesday, July 8

non-bike experiment related update: stuff i wrote illustrated and/or published

illustration by arthur jones

kick-ass artist arthur jones illustrated my one-line short story "i have a hard time having a good time" for his "the whole story project," one-line short stories illustrated onto post-it notes.

for a brilliant interview with the man and institution that is arthur jones, check out (friend and gigantic co-editor) rozalia jovanovic's piece up at the rumpus.

(also thanks to rozi who alerted me to the contest.)


new online newspaper the faster times is featuring my interview with the novelist john wray, entitled "how to write on the subway."

a lot of big names contributing there, including gary shteyngart, clancy martin, and others. a little bit about the faster times, as reported by the new york observer.

(thanks to adam who asked me to do the interview.)


in other news, i am thinking about entering this, npr's "three-minute fiction" contest. deadline july 18th, 2009.


Egg Off-Kilter said...

nice interview on TFT. and... wait... that's not the illustration!!

James said...

thanks rozi. heh, i switched them out to give people so as not to "give away" the story