Thursday, July 2

bike experiment, day 19

i rode 27 miles today. yesterday i rode 23. everyday this week i've been riding to and from columbia, where i've been teaching creative writing to high school students. i taught my two classes, went to a quick happy hour, talked and stood around with some of the other teachers for a while (one of whom had, earlier in the week, sold both his screenplay and his young adult sci-fi novel and who, at some point even earlier, i suspected had de-friended me off facebook). and then i rode home. along the greenway there was an usually large amount of horseshit, substantial mustard-colored clumps of it, littered across the lanes. i thought of poetry, and of how my work week was over, and of how i was going to spend the rest of my night. it began to rain hard and then thunder. i don't like to stop but this time it was too much. my shoes were filling up with water. i found shelter under a lean-to. standing there were a female jogger, a male jogger, and a guy in a business suit, all of whom were drier than me. hello, i said. i think i got a nod or two, though i couldn't really tell because my glasses were too fogged. we stood there. after a while the rain let up some and the business man and then the male jogger left. it started raining harder again. i pulled out my portable stereo and ipod and played "buckets of rain" and the female jogger smiled and i smiled back and thought about the city. the rain kept on and there we were. wet and waiting.


no more teenagekicks said...

hey man, nice work. the biking thing sounds great -- my sister has just challenged me to a half marathon in october; we'll see if that happens. know what you mean about the "powerful" feeling of pushing against the pavement. it's good not to be a full-time drunk fuck-up! excericse! it's for winners! (he sez, and reaches for his eighth glass of cony y tora.)

James said...

thanks dude. how much is a half marathon? i hate running. biking is only tolerable because i get to see so much of the city and because i also get to coast and experience constant low to moderate danger. also, there's something satisfying about the upkeep of it. otherwise, i'd be a full-time slug, slugging away at nothing all day.

James said...

also: fuck yea on getting in conjunctions! i'll have to get a subscription maybe.