Thursday, April 23

gigantical party saturday night

in celebration of:
gigantic #1
says us:
Bring all your roommates, step fathers, piano teachers, dope dealers, Russian somnambulist acquaintances, lovers, high school bullies, ex-mothers, enemies, frenemies, dog walkers, corner bodega operators, annoying neighbors, poker buddies, poking buddies, bailed-out bankers, children (who are over 21), cock-blockers, rodeo clowns, ditch diggers, mothers, brothers, others, etc.

-Free books and CDs appropriated from places where we work!
-Hand-drawn art-objects of beauty and surprise from nat russell and andrew bulger to be raffled for your express enjoyment purposes!
-Cheap booze!
-Short readings!
-Live Music from The Five Cents and Adron!
-DJing from King Vitamin, Cormac McBootay, and DJ HemingYeh for late night dancing.

gigantic debut launch party and benefit
starr space
108-110 starr space
brooklyn, ny
L to jefferson

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