Thursday, March 19

I have been accepted for publication


Happy/sad day:

-My story "Some Kind of Change" has been accepted for publication in PEN America, Issue 10.

-Clemson lost.

Very excited and honored, though, to be published with Etgar Keret and Lydia Davis, along with many others not listed in the blurb.

Earlier tonight at dinner, before I had found out about my story's acceptance, I was reading the first few stories in Keret's latest book The Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God and Other Stories. The title story and the second story "Goodman" absolutely killed me. Three pages in and already smacked in the face and gut and chest with sad, beautiful words. Telling myself to "keep it in", there, in the tiny empty pizza place. The only witnesses two employees, your typical pair, ornery owner/chef guy with white coat and stubbly gray beard and his mistreated delivery boy, "Where is my spatula Miguel?"

Damn, Etgar. Well done.

Either that, or I'm just feeling particularly unpunk today.

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