Wednesday, December 3

Deerhunter, Pavement, personal update

-If you haven't heard it yet, the new Deerhunter album Microcastle is absolutely fantastic, as is the free bonus LP that comes with it, called Weird Era. In fact I think Microcastle is probably the best album I've heard this year (even the cover art, which is pasted above, kicks ass). I think they have an aesthetic that could be considered noisy, beautiful, fuzzy, and young. I like this aesthetic. I am seeing them next week in Williamsburg.

Here's a link to the Pitchfork review of the album. I didn't read it but I feel like their ratings are, with the exception of Vampire Weekend, usually pretty "accurate", which is to say, "agreeable". They gave the album a 9.2.

And if you like Deerhunter but haven't been to their blog, you could do worse with your time. Dude's prolific -- and generous. The blog is loaded with freebies and demos (look for the song "Requiem for All the Lonely Teenagers with Passed Out Moms"). His "micromixes" are also great (and free).

-I'm really excited about the reissue of Pavement's 1998 album Brighten the Corners, which comes out December 9. I just pre-ordered a copy in order to receive some free shit.

Unfortunately, the song "For Sale: The Preston School of Industry", one of my favorites, isn't among this shit. Apparently, it "cost too much" for Pavement to purchase it from the Dutch TV place where they recorded it.

As consolation, here's the video, of them recording it:

Download of the song available here.

-On the personal front, work continues on The Great Asian-American Novel in Stories. Earlier tonight I did a reading of two very short stories from the book. I read a story called "McDonald's with Mother in Country of Her Birth, Not Mine" and another one called "You". I think the first one got a better response, although I don't think the second one got a bad response. "It was funny," said someone afterward.

If you're interested, I'd be happy to send you an excerpt. I'm looking to have a completed first draft by mid-December.

That is all.

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