Friday, August 22

Wok's Love Got to Do With It, Got to Do, Got to Do?

-I had forgotten how great the Daily Show is. This episode is a few days old, but still amazing. Some 2008 Olympic controversies discussed:

Attaboy, Jon! As my supervisor at my temp job said today, "you're cooking with gas".

-A site I just found via Koreanish, via Guernica: Angry Asian Man, the kind of site I wish I had the time (and energy) to do. The site's mission, as stated in the About section: "pointing out racism and noting any and all appearances of Asians in mass media and popular culture (the good and the bad)...but not hating whitey and plotting revolution." Bravo.

-My good friend Lincoln has a piece up at McSweeney's: Notable Moments at Home-School Prom. Kudos, Linc. Now if you can only find a home for that piece we wrote last year...

-What I'm doing later on tonight:

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