Thursday, August 16

jeff goldblum's beefier western-shirt wearing younger brother and more

my 2+ weeks in sc continue. so far i've gone to an independent league baseball game and tried to finish up some stories. this weekend i'll be going to charleston, sc, where i'll be sure to encounter oppressive humidity, frat-types, and subtle racism. i'm being negative -- not everyone in south carolina is racist to me. some just hate black people. also, i'm going shopping.

in other news:

the most recent issue of the literary magazine i work for, COLUMBIA: A JOURNAL, was positively reviewed in "...refreshing!" they say. i can't really take much of the credit -- i wasn't on staff until after the issue had gone to press -- other than physically sending them the issue.


more than a few friends in both nyc and sc have been talking about flight of the conchords, "new zealand's 4th most popular digi-folk parody duo". they just recently finished their first season on HBO. i spent 2am-5am last night streaming the first couple shows. pretty good stuff -- a few of the songs are misses, but on the whole, a worthwhile watch. the dialogue is reminiscent of THE OFFICE BBC in its deadpan, intelligence, and funny accent. is a website where you can stream all the entire first season, along with a well-done documentary on their trip to SXSW and a their original HBO special. to be honest, i don't know how this site is legal, but enjoy it while you can.

a sample, "the most beautiful girl in the room", from the first episode:

an earlier, more live clip, "albi, the racist dragon":

on a side note, i recently saw one the guys, jemaine, (the one who looks like jeff goldblum's beefier western-shirt wearing younger brother) outside of our old practice space in the lower east side, sitting on a bench between two girls. Man, his head is huge.


lastly, more searches that led here:
  • charlie brown dog house slash picture
  • how to dress like a redneck
  • the yellow redneck blues
  • "september 11" "i heart ny" "sex and the city" [does anyone else find this combination disquieting?]
  • When Melissa Etheridge sings "come to my window" what exactly is she referring to?

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