Wednesday, March 7

Recent Google searches leading here

-"socially awkward situations" + list + things to do
-right-wing "denis johnson " (sic)
-john mayer why georgia why teaching
-house of the blues blogspot
-sprained vagina

The last search was in reference to a joke I made about Ben Affleck being rushed to the ER for a migraine a year ago. I was working (briefly) as a comedy writer for this internet start-up company, a job I subsequently lost due to this blog. I guess it's not really a "job" persay if you don't get paid, but still. The things I do for you, reader.

Speaking of guilt-trips, it seems that The Clemson Forum, the progressive college newspaper I helped co-found my senior year, is having trouble finding writers and material this month. If you go to Clemson and/or are liberal, this means you -- they could use an extra hand. Get in touch here.

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