Tuesday, March 7

The new "girl"

So I'm sort of seeing a girl (or more perhaps more accurately I should say "woman") who's older, smarter, funnier, and probably more talented than me.

And I'm OK with that. Seriously.

Weird, huh?

Updates on this and work soon, I promise.


Benny said...

Oh I SEE! That's why you've been MIA.

(When I saw the word "girl" in quotes, I braced myself. I really thought you were going to out yourself, Jimby!)

Hope she's clean,

Benny xo

James said...

Heh. That--my subtle gayness--has actually been an issue, believe it or not.

Benny, what's crazy about this whole thing is that I, as you know, have a bit of self-aggrandizing (re: to previous comment on previous post) streak, but I'm entirely truthful and sincere in my previous assessment of our situation. I really do think she's smarter, etc. than me. And this is coming from a guy she's affectionately nicknamed "Yahweh", because of my apparent belief in my own godlike omnipotence.

Funny (and clean) she is,


angel said...

How much "older" are we talking? MILF? GILF (gasp)?

So you don't have a problem with her being smarter? Ever f**king guy I've ever dated has hated the fact that I'm smarter. I figured that'd all change when I got to Cambridge and was immersed amongst people smarter than me ... but I found out that people aren't smarter, they're just more arrogant about being smart in general.

And the guys? F**kin' assholes. Seriously.

But your woman sounds lovely. Just treat her right ;).

James said...


Let me put it this way: I'm Harold and she's Maude. I'm joking, of course, but to answer your question: No, she's not old enough to have birthed me.

By the way, I could definitely see guys being intimidated by your intelligence. That and your little carny hands (which I've never actually noticed, but will make sure to do so next time [when/wherever the hell that is] we see each other]).

The Greenville, S.C. Chinese Landsman Association sure has some well-traveled members (or children of members). One in London, the other in San Francisco (and hopefully soon to be NYC).

As they say out there, cheers!


demi_prodigy said...

Wow. It's so romantic to read about how fantastic i am in a...blog. Later I'll pass you a "check-the-box-yes-or-no" note to find out if you're that into me. Or. If. I'm your Graduate experiment. ???

I don't care if you tell your friends how old I am. I like the suspense of it all. (Just please don't tell them that Bob Barker was one of my first husbands.)

Tell your friends I'm sorry to be responsible for you going MIA. It's just the Health Department called and your apartment is undergoing some kind of "investigation." I am thankful, however, that you aren't a minor and haven't shown up on any milk cartons (or milf...) But my friends are reminding me that when I was fourteen I had a fake ID, too, so I may need another piece of identification.

Well, Yahweh, I have to say that even though I'm considerably more humble than you, if pink is the new black, than we're definitely the new Demi and Ashton.

Robb said...

Is that spelled right?!

James said...


Trevor said...

It's nice to see Phyllis Diller isn't lonely these days, James........;-p

Please be my friend at MySpace...how else will I be able to judge my self-worth?

Also, judging by a comment you left on my blog...are you coming around to the US "Office"? Or were you being sarcastic? Because I have all the official fan membership literature and a snazzy "Dunder-Mifflin" coffee mug ready to send your way if you were serious........(you know you want it!)


James said...

Dead serious, buddy. I've started watching it religiously when I have time.

I would totally drink coffee from that mug at my office temping job. Unfortunately there's no Dwight to my Jim, Gareth to my Tim. But still, I watch that show for inspiration on how not-to act.

angel said...

British version is WAY better. Sorry, Steve Carell.

Re: your comments on my blog -- EW!!! You're sick.

P.S. Congrats on Columbia, NYC would be a fabulous place to live, not that SF is doing bad either.
P.P.S. You should definitely go, as the final nail in the "Chinese parents' desire for all their kids to be doctors, lawyers, or engineers" coffin.
P.P.P.S. Yes, my hands are freakishly small. I can't believe you've never noticed!?!? Remember when we were five, hanging out? Pretty much, the hands haven't grown since ...

Benny said...

Jimminess, there are 7 types of "smart"- bear this in mind.

Maybe you're... "spatially" smart. Hehe.

And your woman is the other 6 types.

Did you do the "right thing" and send her a Gmail invite? I only have 99 left, so it's time to start being selective.

Is she there in SF, or is she in NYC? Are you giving up everything to be with her? Are you not going to report on NYC, and report instead on being in love?

And what happened to be a wino, dude? I've been chomping at the bit this whole time!



James said...

Angel, I can't wait to officially drive that fucker in. Death to my parents' stereotypical immigrants' son dreams! How are your parents taking your "Year of Jubilee"?

Regardless of all that, I must say that I love the longer hair.

Benny, you know who needs Gmail?

John Mayer!

Robb said...

Wait, were you signing as John Mayer or does John Mayer need Gmail? Because if I had Gmail, I would invite him. I was impressed by the John Mayer Trio album...
Also, I'm Scot/Irish. I wonder what stereotypical immigrants' son dreams I would be fucking up right now, if I wasn't like 47th generation American-born. I mean, Calhoun for christ sake. We've been here for a while. I'm a descendant of one of the greatest sons of the Confederacy (and one of the top 7 Senators of all time!).
I'm thinking James might know who I'm talking about, but nobody else.

James said...

John C. Calhoun, I presume?

Also, I heard good things about that album and his newly outed musical desire to play blues instead of pop.

Robb said...

Yes sir, good ol' John Caldwell. There is a racist somewhere in me, just dying to get out. I will continue to repress him by listening to more Common.
It really is a great album, I'll send it to you over IM sometime.
Unless somebody from the Authorities is reading this. In that case, let me clarify what I meant by "IM":
IM just kidding about the giving James the CD thing.
*Robb jumps around wildly, pointing finger at Dan and screaming something about stolen Bright Eyes albums.
**end act II

Benny said...

I think Robb needs Gmail. And because I only have 98 left, I can't spare. You never know when you might need an invite.


Dolly Parton (while we're at it)

James said...

Robb, well now I know what to bring as a gift when I visit your lovely New Jersey home en route to NYC and Columbia: a signed 8x10 glossy of Mr. A-Z himself, Jason Mraz.


All my songs are about you.



Benny, I have only 99 left because I tried to invite myself again so I could pick a new name. Unfortunately the plan did not work; all the other combinations of my name like "jamesyeh@gmail.com", "jyeh@gmail.com", and "jamesyehisayellowbadass!@gmail.com" were, unfortunately, spoken for.

Oh and, Angel, I almost forgot--I'm totally aware that The Office NBC will never be able to top the original. Still, it's extremely good and--pleasant surprise of the century--pretty much lives up to the original. All the while taking the franchise in a new and decidedly American direction.

I can't believe I just used the word "franchise" to describe a TV comedy and the phrase "in a...decidedly American direction" to describe anything.


(Asian-American) David Bowie!