Friday, June 24

The one thing I believe in

My faith in the United States Postal Service has been reaffirmed, and joyously. I had been previously worried that two important packages had been lost. However, I was quite mistaken because they arrived; one yesterday, one today. The second one was even hand-delivered to my doorstep. (It was certified mail, but still...)

This reaffirmation is a good thing because I think the USPS may be the only thing associated with the government that I still have full faith in.

Miss Ethyl Eshelmann, mail carrier of the month (July 1986) and subject to the attentions of more than a few strapping young lads, shown here:

I heard her husband recently passed away from a long bout with consumption. So in other words, she's newly single. Fellas--have at her! Posted by Hello

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Trevor said...

I believe in Gerald McRaney, TV's "Major Dad" (shameless plug for my latest update)

I believe in the power of the press...the drilling press...into a victim's skull ;-)