Monday, June 20 approved by me

For a few hours of fun, check this out: Craig's list is a website that has listings of, well, just about everything. Basically a classified for the internet, with a direct and human touch and without all the pop-ups and useless BS. It's most popular searches are jobs and housing, but it doesn't stop there. There are personals (of course), services, "gigs", etc. Great stuff if you're moving to a new city that has a Craig's list (like me, SF).

So that said, I just spent the last two or so hours on the "Best of Craig's List", a list of postings that have been nominated by readers. Yes, some of the material is crap. Well a good deal of it is. But some are quite entertaining. I mean whose interest isn't piqued by a posting entitled "Me: getting a pizza; You: peeing on my car"?


Trevor said...

I recommend, that's the original "waste hours of time" website.

Becky said...

Craigslist is awesome. You should put your stuff on the,'ll be saturated with Clemson FLAVA